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Shoes for a lifetime

It soon becomes apparent when one enters Christine Dünsers Manufaktur that this is not a normal shop, rather the workshop itself.

 Because every pair of shoes is manufactured individually with the most diligent handiwork, there are also not that many display items. The fact that bespoke shoes are more comfortable to wear should be obvious to everyone. Though, how they should look is a matter for each individual customer. Male clientele appreciate in particular a timeless, elegant style, which does not draw too many odd looks during daily existence. On the other hand, women often want shoes for Special occasions that express their own personalities.


Christine first fell in love with her chosen form of  craftsmanship during her studies at the Polimoda in Florence. In particular her work with a south-Italian, oldschool master shoemaker instilled a passion for this form of classical handiwork. Before setting up on her own, Christine worked for Ferragamo and a small Italian Company that realised handbag designs for Dior, Chanel and Nina Ricci. The decision to become a shoemaker was soon finally made, however. There is simply no other craft that she finds as fulfilling as the daily challenge of manufacturing the perfect bespoke pair of shoes for an individual customer, perfect in both design and finish.