Denz Herzen © Petra Rainer, Bodensee-Vorarlberg Tourismus


Denz Herzen

Following her move from Vienna to Vorarlberg, artist Margit Denz started her very own, global heart warming. Since 2006, she has been sending her lovely, creative porcelain hearts to addresses all over the world, where they perform their subversive work whilst hanging harmlessly on the walls of hotels, bedrooms and private entrance halls. They magic a smile on the faces of their owners. Received as a gift, they work as a heart opener, and they beautify their surroundings to boot.

The Herzkammer, the artist’s own home gallery, is also home to other objects you find it hard to leave behind, such as the hand-made crockery which is both amusing and aesthetic. All porcelain items are hand-made in her workshop in Dornbirn, each and every object is unique. A visit has the potential to turn into an addiction – the first heart is followed by another, then another… not to mention cups and plates. You end up sitting there with a strange head which gives rise to a new way of thinking, or with a version of a Buddha you have never seen before.